To request a copy of an accident report, please allow our officers 3 business days to complete their reports.  There is no charge for persons requesting copies of  reports in which they are involved.  Please bring a valid ID in order to obtain your report.  

If you are a 3rd party vendor or insurance company requesting an accident report there is a $5.00 charge.  When requesting photos or video there will be a $10 per disc charge, plus postage fees if applicable.  

Please call for availability prior to attempting pick up.

Most reports will also be available through  All accident reports will be the date of the incident plus a two digit report number ending in a T, i.e.: 04062211T.    


Most reports will be unavailable to the general public due to privacy concerns and ongoing investigations.  An Open Records request pursuant to KRS 61.870 to 61.884 will be honored unless it falls within one of the recognized exemptions.  Contact the Shelbyville Police Dept. administrative Offices for questions regarding availability.  

Open Records Request

Please submit all forms to Carla Wainscott, City Clerk at City Hall
Fax Number: 502-633-4292