Stormwater Approval Process

Submit all forms/paperwork to the City of Shelbyville City Engineer’s office located at the Shelbyville Public Works Department at 787 Kentucky Street Shelbyville, KY 40065 or call 502-633-1094.

1. Preliminary – Subdivision, Planned Unit Development (PUD) and/or Storm Water Quality Management Permit Application.

a. Submit application form

b. One set of preliminary Construction Plans

c. Application Fee – refer to fee schedule.

2. Final – Development Plan, Subdivision, Planned Unit Development and/or Storm Water Quality Management Permit Application.

a. Preliminary PUD or Subdivision Plan must be approved by Triple S. Planning and Zoning.

b. Submit Final Application form.

c. Submit Site Plan Review Checklist – Sites that disturb 0.5 acres or more and/or are part of a greater common development. If applicable the following items are required with this checklist.

i. Two (2) stamped and signed copies of all plans

ii. Detention analysis (include checklist)

iii. Letter of permission for Offsite Work

iv. Division of Water (DOW) approval

v. Detailed SWPPP checklist

vi. Deed of Easement with exhibit or Amended Plat with newly created easements

vii. Preliminary Stormwater Maintenance Agreement.

viii. Engineers Estimated Bond Amount for stormwater quality and quantity features.

d. For sites less than 0.5 acres –

i. Preliminary copy of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

ii. One set of Construction Plans – (site, drainage, grading, and erosion control plans, road profiles, storm profiles and detail sheets)

e. Application Fee – refer to fee schedule.

Following Triple S. Planning and Zoning Commission Approval but before a building permit will be issued or Construction begins the following applies:

3. Land Disturbance Permit – required before Triple S. Planning & Zoning or a City of Shelbyville Permit will be issued

a. Submit a Land Disturbance Permit Application

b. Final copy of the SWPPP and checklist

c. Finalized construction plans

d. Copy of the Approved KDOW Notice of Intent (if ≥ 1 acre)

e. Application Fee

f. Maintenance Agreement completed and Filed.

Stormwater Approval Process Forms and Applications

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