Historic District Coordinator / Welcome Center

Fred J. Rogers, Historic District Coordinator, fred@shelbyvillekentucky.com

Cheryl Rose, Historic District Assistant Director, Cheryl@shelbyvillekentucky.com

627 Main Street
502-647-0051 (Fax)

The Shelbyville Historic District Commission’s office is located in the newly restored 1872 Italianate Presbyterian Manse Building. The building is now known as the Shelbyville Welcome/Heritage Center. We are located next to the landscaped parking area which ties into the Presbyterian Church parking lot on Washington Street. This green space provides more parking for our downtown merchants, and has various plantings, walkways, benches, and period lighting. This space is utilized to expand the space for our many downtown festivals and art shows.

The City of Shelbyville restored this building using a Renaissance Kentucky Grant, a Transportation Enhancement Grant and a CDBG Grant for handicapped accessible facilities. This building also houses the Shelby County Historical Society office and Museum.  Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Historic District welcomes a new addition to our Main Street/Washington Street/Henry Clay Street Corridor. Bland Avenue, 8th Street from Henry Clay to its end and 10th Street from Henry Clay to Bland were voted into the district by the City Council in October 2007.

Historic District Guidebooks and a pamphlet entitled: “Frequently Asked Questions about Historic Restoration in Shelbyville, Kentucky” are available at our office. Walking tour brochures of our city are also available, as well as brochures from many of our downtown businesses. Download PDF of the Shelbyville Historic Guidebook Here.

Our office provides help with grant information, federal and state historic tax credits, genealogy, historical research questions, and building information for those interested in their properties. We also have a library to share with the public on architecture, restoration, and preservation.

The Shelbyville Historic District Commission must review all exterior changes in property with the district boundaries. If changes are to be made, you must first obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from our office. You may download the form on this site. Please check the Guidebook for what qualifies as change.

Click here for the map of the Historic District Boundaries

Download Forms

Certificate of Appropriateness (Acrobat Reader)

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