Boards and Commissions

  • City Tree Board
    Tom McGinnis
    George Best
    Melvin Moffett
    Cecilia Piccinni
    Jennifer Herrell
    Sara Johns
    Walt Reichert
  • Code Enforcement Board
    Wayne Anderson
    Nathan Riggs
    Lisa Hood
    Pam Larkin
    Ann Morris
  • E-911 Board
    Mayor Tom Hardesty
    Police Chief Danny Goodwin
    Police Major Istvan Kovacs
    Councilmember Bob Andriot
  • Ethics Board
    Sherman Riggs
    Paul Schmidt
    Howard Griffith
  • Historic District Commission
    Sherry Jelsma
    Belinda Nichols
    Steve Collins
    Gene Wright
    Deborah Magan
    Tom Francis
    Jim Cleveland
  • Housing Authority
    Josh Hurst
    Jamie Swindler
    Stephanie Zoeller
    Jeffrey Moore
  • Joint City – County Recreational Board
    Angie Pereira
    Mike Harrod
    D. Shane Suttor
    Margo Whisman
    Dr. Ron Creque
  • Joint Human Rights Commission
    Gary Walls
    Theresa Rogers
    Ann Morris
    Donya Bell
  • Joint Tourist Commission
    Jay Dholakia
    Dori Lewis
    Leslie McCarthy
  • Landfill Commission
    Kerry Magan
  • Recreation Committee
    Alan Matthews
    Vance Burnett
    Frank Page
  • Renaissance Committee
    Mayor Tom Hardesty
    Eilene Collins
    Christina Olsson
    Harriet Massey
    Beth Kovacs
    Belinda Nichols
  • Tax Appeals Board
    Lindsey Logan
  • Triple S Board of Adjustments & Appeals
    Wayne Anderson
    Brian Isaac
    Wayne Long
  • Triple S Planning Commission
    Quintin Biagi, Jr.
    Dudley Bottom
    George Best
  • Water and Sewer Commission
    Mayor Tom Hardesty
    Neil Hackworth
    Al Andrews
    Jon Swindler

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