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Shelbyville is one of the most diverse communities in Kentucky. Our unique blend of agriculture, business and industry, coupled with our attitude of a small town atmosphere makes Shelbyville a wonderful place to visit, live, or work. Based on 2010 census, Shelby County has a population of 42,074 which includes the City of Shelbyville’s population of 14,045.


Stormwater Master Plan Public Workshop
April 25th at 6:30, City Hall
Now that we have the plan, the next step for the City is to decide:
 *IF we want to do something…
 *WHAT is to be done…
 *WHEN you want it…
 *HOW to pay for it…
We will also have the opportunity to discuss in greater detail the specific projects and how they were ranked.

Plan to stop by the Public Open House on Wednesday, April 26th anytime between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm at the Stratton Community Center, 215 Washington Street, Shelbyville.


The City of Shelbyville announced its first community request for projects or programs to promote tourism within the city limits. The deadline to turn in the Grant Request Form is May 1, 2017.

Mayor Tom Hardesty said: “The City is pleased to offer our citizens to the opportunity to propose projects or programs which develop and promote tourism in our downtown.  We have allocated up to 10 percent of the annual income from the Restaurant Tax for these grants.”

Grant applications must be typed, completed fully and submitted with all required information. Applications are available at Shelbyville City Hall, 315 Washington St., the Shelby Main Street offices at 316 Main St., or click here to access application and more information:Tourism Grant Application.  Awards will be announced by May 15.

“It is time to give our citizens the opportunity to bring forth their ideas for making our town a little bit better. I think we are going to get some great proposals!” exclaimed Councilman Bobby Andriot.

CONTACT:  Fred Rogers, City Administrator, City of Shelbyville, 633-8000, fred@shelbyvilleky.com  for more information.


Quick Links/Information

Code of Ordinances
Our full code of ordinances can be searched and viewed by visiting the following link:

Open Records Request

Charitable Contributions Appropriations Fund
Non-profit organizations can apply for funds by downloading form and submitting to City Hall between January 1st and February 28th of each year. 

No applications will be accepted after February 28th.  Download here: 2017 Application Form.

No Solicitation at Intersections 
No organization may solicit donations at intersections in the city.

Yard Sale Permits
$5.00 for a period of not more than 3 consecutive days,  a limit of twice a year

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